The people of Vuelta Grande need our help!


Due to heavy rainfalls in the past days a landslide in the village of Vuelta Grande has cut off people from basic supplies, such as food and sanitary products.

The village of Vuelta Grande is inhabited by mostly indigenous Mayas.

On Monday, Michelle was contacted and asked to help the people that are stuck in the village. To elaborate the extent of the crisis and figure out what we could actually do to help, she decided to go there.

Because the roads around the village are unaccessible, a part of the journey has to be done by foot. Together with other volunteers, she prepared some food supplies and went there yesterday.

The mayor of the village showed Michelle the extent of destruction caused by the landslide.

In the village, she met with the mayor who showed her around and visited some of the families who were most affected. Because some family homes were swamped with mud or destroyed, a few families now shelter in one of the community buildings that was not too affected by the landslide.

At the moment, we know that at least 60 families are in need of help. One of the biggest problems is that it might take weeks for the roads to be accessible again. For the people of Vuelta Grande this means that they rely on food supplies being brought directly to their village.

The rations we delivered will only last for a few days.

In order to support those families, we need at least 1000 CHF in donations. Since we don‘t know when the situation is resolved, we need to be able to supply them with food rations for at least two weeks.

One food ration costs 10 CHF and supports a family for one week.

Share your love and help us support the people of Vuelta Grande.

The area of Vuelta Grande is, under normal conditions, a popular hiking destination for tourists.

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