Rosy‘s Story


Rosy Emilia Juárez Ixcol is one of four children.

Like all of the children we support, her family lives in extreme poverty. Their house is built from plastic foil, old metal and wood. They live in a village in the district of Santa Bárbara in Suchitepéquez. It is the same village where Michelle and Elvia went to teach English.

The remote village in the district of Santa Bárbara.

Even though her family lives in difficult circumstances, Rosy is a gorgeous child. She is very open and friendly and has a desire to learn. Her mom doesn’t have a job, she takes care of the children. Her father works on a macadamia plantation, his salary is approximately 150 $ per month. With those 150 $, the whole family of six has to survive. This is also the same for most of the people who live in this area of Guatemala.

This is how many families in Guatemala live. They all sleep in the same room.

This obviously means that very often, they struggle to provide enough food for the four children. One consequence of this is malnutrition, which can affect the immune system, the overall physical functions and, if not treated, lead to kidney failure. 

It also means that there is not enough money to buy school material for their children. In most cases, when the family is living in these conditions, they send their children to work instead of school, so they can help provide for the family. 

Luckily, Rosy is part of our school supplies programme. She has now been going to school since February and enjoyed it very much. Her dream is to become a teacher when she is older and in doing that, help her family. 

Rosy was very happy when she received the school supplies package.

If you would like to help us to make her dream come true, you can make a donation for school supplies or become a Guardian Angel and guarantee her access to education for a full year. 

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