Orphanage and hospital in Patzún


A large part of the donations will continue to be used in the orphanage and hospital in Patzún. A total of 45 orphans have found a new home here, which is run by 4 energetic nuns. In addition to the daily care of the children, food packages are distributed to the residents of the small village every two weeks. Thanks to the support of the donors, almost 200 families can be supplied with food at every distribution.

However, there is still a lack of food, clothing, hygiene items, school supplies and much more. With the help of the donations, we try to cover such needs and always help where it is needed most urgently. The goal is to be able to send the children to school in the future, so that as soon as they have to leave the children’s home, they will also have the chance to start a career. Only in this way can they leave the eternal spiral of poverty and build a more promising life for themselves.

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