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Each of our projects is based on charity. This is our basic principle and accompanies us in our activities from beginning to end. We want to help people in need, in order to make a positive change in their life story and to provide them a more promising future.


We support the people in need in the education and health sectors as well as in their basic needs. Every one of us has the right and the claim to a better and more fulfilling life.


We strive to develop and improve the educational system, especially for children and youths. They carry the future in their hands, and education plays the essential role because ultimately it is the key to peace.

Connecting two worlds

International encounters are the prerequisite for personal development and a better understanding of our mysterious world. We want to bring two completely different cultures together and thus learn to appreciate and love different personalities.

Cultural exchange

Not only the people in need in Guatemala, but also volunteers like ourselves benefit from countless experiences and impressions that change and encourage us in our personal and professional lives.

Well planned projects are
our way to success

We support the delivery of food packages in the fight against Covid-19

Food supply

No one should suffer from hunger. Our goal is to provide people with a healthy and balanced diet.
Project overview
Coming soon:
We are planning the school construction for the locals.

Educational program

Education is the key to peace. We support and encourage the children in Guatemala with a wide range of services combining English lessons, general education and social services.
Project overview
We supply the hospitals with sufficient disinfectant.


We are fighting for a better health system and want to help the people of Guatemala in emergency situations, be it illness or accident, and among other things we want to improve hygiene measures.
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