Donate Freedom this Christmas!


This Christmas we offer you a very special gift set that is the perfect present for your loved ones.

Consisting of a handcrafted bag produced by a Guatemalan Maya family and a rose scent hand soap produced by Swiss cosmetics brand Swifiss, it represents the connection between those two worlds – centuries old Maya weaving tradition meets high quality Swiss cosmetics!

The Quetzal on the soap represents freedom – and our Guardian Angels education programme.

Many children in Guatemala – especially from rural indigenous communities can not attend school. In theory, attending school is free, but children have to bring their own school supplies or they will be sent home. Many indigenous families in those areas have to get by on as little as 150 $ a month – which often means that they can not afford 3 meals per day. Basic medical attendance is also free in Guatemala – but this is not more than first aid. Further medical treatment is expensive and is therefore out of reach for most indigenous families.

Education means freedom – because it enables children to break the cycle of poverty and create a better future for themselves. But a hungry child can not focus on studying.

With our Guardian Angels programme, we are trying to tackle exactly this injustice and give children in the village of Santa Bárabara (Suchitepéquez) access to school, food and health care.

The Christmas gift set is available in our Online Shop at the price of 39.- CHF.

100% of the profit goes to our Guardian Angels fund.

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