Chapter 3: why help

Our Mission, Vision


what brings us to the goal

But first:

Why Guatemala?

A country full of breathtaking landscapes, rich soil, ancient culture, and numerous treasures. The land of the Mayas is adorned by pyramids, volcanoes, rainforests, and even more incredible and is still a mysterious and magical land. Despite all this, it also has its dark side. There is corruption within the government, and high officials put the state money into their own pockets. Usually, there is nothing left for the population and especially the poorer people.

A large part of the natives are indigenous peoples. 79% of them live in the worst conditions and poverty. Another 33% can neither read nor write and the number increases the deeper we go into the villages. Although elementary school is offered for free by the state, children are never enrolled in school in most cases. This is because the children have to provide their school materials. Therefore they attend school for less than two years on average.

We make history
& let dreams become true:


The M Story is committed to a better future for the people of Guatemala. This is done with efficient projects in the three areas of food supply, health and education. In this way, we support the most disadvantaged people and respond individually to their current needs.
The people to be supported are carefully selected by our team to ensure that every single donation is used in the right place. Thanks to our volunteers on site, projects can be adapted flexibly and those in need can be helped immediately in emergencies. We are always developing new solutions and projects so that needs can be met in the best way possible.


For more Movement, Mindfulness and Mercy

It is our vision to make history. Chapter by chapter, we are advocating for more opportunities and dreams for the people in Guatemala that would have been unthinkable before. We are willing to change lives of children and families in need in order to protect them from poverty, worry and despair. We are fighting for a future full of courage and opportunities.

Values that show us the way
up to the Happy Endings


Each of our projects is built on charity. This is our fundament and accompanies us from beginning to end in our activities. We want to help people in need to make a positive change in their life story and give them a more hopeful future.


We support vulnerable people in education and healthcare as well as in their basic needs. Each and every one of us has the right and the entitlement to a better and more fulfilling life.


We strive to build and improve the education system, especially for children and youth. They carry the future in their hands and in this respect education plays the essential role, because ultimately it is the key to peace.

Connecting two worlds

International encounters are the prerequisite for personal development and a better understanding of our mysterious world. We want to bring together two completely different cultures and thus learn to appreciate and love the most diverse personalities.

Cultural exchange

Not only people in need in Guatemala, but also volunteers like ourselves benefit from countless experiences and impressions, which change and encourage us in our personal as well as professional lives.

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