Chapter 1: Who we are

The Team

Our team is made up of volunteers from Switzerland and Guatemala.

Nothing is more important than gaining trust in a project. Trust that the support will arrive at the right place and trust that we will all pull together to make history as a team. Thanks to our personal and close contacts on site and the fact that our team works exclusively on a voluntary basis, we can guarantee this confidence to donors.

 Together we are committed to fulfill the dreams of the people in Guatemala.

Our energetic team on the ground in Guatemala makes it possible for us to carry out all the projects. They are our heroes in every single story.

On the other side of the ocean, the Swiss team is planning, organizing and coordinating.

In this way, we complement and support each other and fight together for the well-being and dreams of people in need. 

Element 1@2x

Elvia Yanira

Support for families and children

Elvia is a lawyer and teacher in Guatemala and supports the projects with heart and soul.

“Supporting my community is a deep fulfillment for me. In doing so, I trust in God and in the goodness of many people who, like me, help our brothers and sisters.”

Glenddy Clarett
Mejia García

Support for families and children

Glenddy is a Spanish teacher and has been with us since the beginning as a good and trustworthy friend.

“I’m very grateful to be a part of these projects and to be able to help the people here.”


Organisation Guatemala 


Anja is self-employed in Guatemala and supports the projects since the beginning. 

“For several years now, I have had the privilege of living in Guatemala and have fallen in love with this country and its colors and friendly people. But the challenges that many here have to overcome every day are enormous. I am a Christian and want to help wherever I can and where I can influence the lives of others for the better.”



Management and Organisation 

In 2020, Michelle has founded the non-profit organisation The M Story.


“I left my heart in Guatemala with these incredibly warm and valuable people who gave me a second home. With these projects, I want to express my deepest gratitude to these people and return all their dedicated love.”




Social Media & Communication

Elisa studies Applied Languages and is the social media and communication manager at The M Story.

“Working as the social media and communication manager at The M Story means that through my work I can contribute to more justice in the world – helping families in difficult situations and creating a better future for children.”